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It’s Just Fun To Say September 1, 2018

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We ate quite literally high on the hog today because Labor Day and because BBQ and because America and because after watching over an hour of Senator McCain being eulogized, I felt deeply that it was what he would have wanted (RIP to a national hero).

The wall of our BBQ joint booth was covered with old fruit crate labels (gorgeous, bold color art that I find preferable to almost all modern art). Among the Frisco, Statue, Floyd’s, and Bellboy, was a Piggy Pears. I had to say it aloud.

What’s the pork-pear link? I don’t know. With that basket, it appears that Piggy just came from market. But we all know that in the nursery rhyme, “This little piggy went to market,” that doesn’t mean the piggy is going shopping. That means the piggy is going to BE the market, to BE sliced up at the deli, and eventually fried up and slid aside two sunny side ups. C’est la vie, no?

It bears repeating:

Piggy Pears

Piggy Pears

Piggy Pears

But don’t go overboard.


5 Responses to “It’s Just Fun To Say”

  1. “Pears” must be a tough one for non-native English speakers. I cried tears of joy when I saw those pears. Tears me apart to eat pears. Have to pare that down. Had a pair but lost ’em. Pairs well with pears. English makes no sense.

    Piggy, piggy,piggy,piggy pears.

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  2. Benson Says:

    WhaPt a clever post. Piggy Pears is fun to say. Of course I have no idea what pigs and pears have in common. However I do love BBQ. Here Piggy Piggy.

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  3. Oh, I love me some BBQ !

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