When You Thought You Were Done Dealing With Lice

“Women of the West” Luchetti & Olwell

I could tell you this pic is from the late 1800s.

That it’s just housecleaning day on a homestead in Seattle, Washington.

We could talk about quilting or how washing pillows in the washing machine always destroys the integrity of the fluff, and you wind up trashing them and going to Ross for a new $9 pillow.

We could even rehash memories of hanging clothes on the line when you were young.

Or maybe even talk about playing Lincoln Logs as kids.

But you already read the word “lice” up top.

So at some point, you’ll scratch your head.

Because lice.

9 thoughts on “When You Thought You Were Done Dealing With Lice”

  1. Gross. Back then it wasn’t so easy to replace a pillow or any item of bedding; was it. Especially if you had critters making house in them. I did scratch my head by the way. Happy?

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  2. OMG! Lice! I met a woman who owned a company that actually hand picks the lice out of your hair. It’s better for you because no chemicals and if they get them all, you’re done. No more treatment. I suppose you still have to deal with bedding though.

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    1. Yeah, that’s rough. Loading up all the sheets and towels and blankets and pillowcases and couch cushions and spraying them with the lice spray and washing things in hot water. We even loaded up the stuffed animals and put them in the 120 degree attic for a month LOL.

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