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Starter Bartering July 4, 2016

National Geographic, June 1968

National Geographic, June 1968

Barefoot Mexcaltitán pre-schoolers practice the art of the bargain as Luz Maria gets aggressive toward Green Dress, whose lowball offer for their fruit has insulted the entire Ruvalcaba family. Twin sister Martha Estella bears a bowl of coquitos de aceite on her head, patiently enduring the exchange and the heated voice of the alpha twin.


8 Responses to “Starter Bartering”

  1. Benson Says:

    It’s never too early to start in business.

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    • OK. Well that came out weird. What it should say is that I love your spin on the narrative of this image. It also reminds me of my two youngest sons who like to bargain and haggle at flea markets.

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      • kerbey Says:

        LOL, now I see. Well, I didn’t make up the names of the girls or the fruit, but I’ll take credit for the rest. Thanks! Your sons will be master level by the time they are grown.

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  2. reocochran Says:

    Kids at lemonade stands and in other countries all deserve to get a little money, I think. Sweet photo of little girls! ❤

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  3. Paul Says:

    Whew! They are doing some serious negotiating there. I really enjoy the picture.

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