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I Love A Parade July 3, 2016

Nat'l Geographic, June 1968

Nat’l Geographic, June 1968

Youngsters enjoy popular music in a Fourth of July parade, following by foot or by tire. Antique cars, marching bands, and floats entertained spectators in the Bar Harbor celebration, culminating with fireworks on the pier.



6 Responses to “I Love A Parade”

  1. Benson Says:

    I love small town parades. I like you header. A long ago time when a human pumped your gas and checked your oil and water. Now you stick a piece of plastic in the machine and hope it isn’t being skimmed. Happy 4th.

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  2. Paul Says:

    Me too – I love small town parades. Happy holiday Kerbey!

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  3. reocochran Says:

    Kerbey, hope you had a grand Fourth of July! I have been to Bar Harbor. I used to play clarinet in band, so music is truly part of my favorite memories! 🙂

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