And Then It Goes Kaboom

Yen and Noel Brinkley selling fireworks 1970s (Austin History Center)
Yen and Noel Brinkley selling fireworks, 1970s (Austin History Center)

A little detective work found this later blurb from The Anniston Star, March 9, 1980:

Yen has been in this country since 1968. She came here to visit friends, and that’s how it happens that Noel Brinkley, after 3 years in Vietnam, met the Vietnamese woman who would become his wife in Elgin. “And to think that I lived within a block of her during the last year I was in Saigon,” he said. When they decided to get married, Brinkley said, there was some opposition “not so much from my family as from hers. In Vietnam, you see. Americans have a bad reputation when it comes to marriage. Vietnamese have a saying that Americans change wives like they change shirts.”


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