Val Doonican Rocks In A Non-Threatening Way

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Today we fondly remember Irish easy listening star, Val Doonican, who–according to The Guardian, a British daily newspaperhad “an easygoing, homely charm that enchanted middle England.” Such high-ish praise! A relaxed crooner, he was the Perry Como of the UK.

Could he be more chill?

Val is not a common male name; it brings to mind Valerie, either Bertinelli or the Steve Winwood song. In truth, the only other masculine Val with which I’m familiar is Mistah Val Kilmer, whose name is not short for anything. In today’s case, however, it’s short for Valentine.

Michael Valentine Doonican was born to a musical family on February 3 (the day the music died, but hadn’t yet), 1927 in Waterford, Ireland. His musical career began by playing in his school band at the age of six, then performing as a duo with buddy Bruce Clarke in 1947. I imagine he…

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