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I See Dead People

Coyote23128To be fair, all these people are dead. It was 91 years ago that this shot was taken. Little Miss Mary Pickford in her ringlets and sailor dress makes the shot. Sorry if these pics are enormous, but you have to high-res these son-of-a-guns to see the details.

Remember when you were a freshman, and they called you “fish”? Well, evidently that term has been around for awhile.


I love the front-row girl with the double sunflowers.

There were three rooms total of fish in this 1923 class. Most of them are solemn-faced, but I see one with a mischievous smile. I think he’s pulling the hair of the scowling girl in front of him.

Coyote23-room5You probably think I’m the crazy yearbook lady by now. What do I care about these dead people, long forgotten? Their families didn’t even care to keep their yearbooks. But there is so much history packed into these volumes, young people of every era in all manner of style and economic background. And sometimes the cover itself is so beautiful, I wouldn’t think of setting it at the curb on Trash Day.


8 thoughts on “I See Dead People”

  1. The rooms that held these Coyotes must have been large, Kerbey. Many freshmen fish in each tank, so to speak. Good God, you never should throw stuff like this out. Next stop, ‘Hoarders.’


    1. Yikes, hoarders! Nope, I give our stuff to Goodwill each month. Out with the old, in with the new. But I keep a bookshelf full of yearbooks. Not cat skeletons and Big Mac boxes, like hoarders LOL. Come on over–it’s spic and span right now.


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