Behr Releases Hottest New Color For Front Doors

Ever thought about painting your front door to add a little pop, a little pizzazz? Those folks at HGTV make it seem so easy, and red is often the color of choice. But could you handle something in fire engine red? One of our neighbors can. And did.

Testing new fire engines at Elmira, 1933, Finlay Photos by Clifton Adams

Maybe it’s not adding pizzazz as much as a desire for pizzas. After spending my college years in food service, I am well aware that red makes folks hungry. These signs can attest to that.

I’m already salivating! But why would you want to make your guests hungry? That just means you have to serve them. Does the color even have to mean anything? Evidently, it does.

The folks at Home Decor Bliss suggest that red has a welcoming energy, bringing luck, proclaiming protection, and even announcing that you’ve paid your last mortgage payment. Who knew that was a thing? Well, explains that while you may have heard that our friends in Scotland paint doors red to symbolize when they’re “out of the red,” it’s largely a myth. At that point, there’s no money left for a bucket of paint.

Not a fan of red doors? Well, you’re not alone. As the Rolling Stones once sang, “I see a red door, and I want it painted black.” Sounds controlling to me.


11 thoughts on “Behr Releases Hottest New Color For Front Doors”

  1. Google “meaning of a red door” and you can really go down a red rabbit hole. It means welcome or it means safety or it means this or that but it likely means the hardware store was overstocked in red paint. I have a neighbor who painted his front door bright purple. None of us on the block understand why he did this and he’s not saying. It doesn’t necessarily look bad just…very strange.

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    1. Rabbit hole indeed. Purple? That’s an acquired taste, I suppose. A purple door says, “Don’t mind the patchouli incense or the beaded bedroom door.” Or maybe it’s modern and I’m too Jurassic to know better. I had wondered earlier if all those food signs suddenly changed the red to lavender, would we even want to eat in there or just order drinks and rest?

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      1. These are senior folks so maybe its simply a dementia sort of thing. It’s a rather violent shade of purple. I don’t think red makes me hungry but in my retail days I remember endless meetings about store color schemes and their supposed impact on shoppers. Orange was supposedly an energizing color, blue was calming and on and on.

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  2. I am Scottish born and bred and have never heard that about red doors before. Our front door actually needs to be repainted but we have been procrastinating over it for a long time because we cannot decide on a colour. Our siding is tan (which I dislike but that is too expensive a makeover so we are stuck with it) so it has to be something that will work with that. Lots of friends have suggested red but I am just not into the idea of having a red door. I cannot explain my antipathy towards the idea but my gut reaction is always no.

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    1. Then clearly it’s a myth! One wonders how they start. I don’t think I’m a red door person any more than I’m a red sports car gal, but I do like some whimsy. Yellow seems odd, too. Erin on “Home Town” says it has to be just the PERFECT Shade. So what’s your top pick? You could do a turquoise and then just paint over it with a green if you hate it. No?

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      1. I tend to be someone who wants to blend into the background so I probably avoid anything too loud and showy with my house too. I thought about teal (my favourite colour) but I have been procrastinating over it for a while. I was going to paint last summer but it was too humid for exterior woodwork painting. Maybe this summer I will take the plunge.

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