Behr Releases Hottest New Color For Front Doors

Ever thought about painting your front door to add a little pop, a little pizzazz? Those folks at HGTV make it seem so easy, and red is often the color of choice. But could you handle something in fire engine red? One of our neighbors can. And did. Maybe it’s not adding pizzazz as muchContinue reading “Behr Releases Hottest New Color For Front Doors”

Zhuzh Up Your Outdated Banister

Tired of walking past those round wooden spindles pre-turn of this century? Ashamed to have guests notice that yellow brown color that dates your abode? I wouldn’t even want to visit a home with this shade of devil’s stain. Why, it’s the shade of nicotine teeth. Sure, you could replace them with wrought iron balusters,Continue reading “Zhuzh Up Your Outdated Banister”