Nice Cans

It’s funny how ideology goes back and forth: margarine is better than butter, then butter is better than margarine. Egg yolks are good, then they’re bad. Beer is better in bottles, then cans, then back to bottles. But in June of 1938, the consensus was cans were cool. Cans, you see, did not expose beer to harmful light.

8 thoughts on “Nice Cans”

  1. Ah the ever popular beer can. The first I recall are the ones that required a “church key” to open. Then came the flip top. Finally we have the always handy pull tab. All in time for bars to start pushing draft beer.

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      1. Actually on Sunday, we bundled in our jackets and went to a nearby outside patio restaurant, where I had two pints of their electric jellyfish IPA. I had never tried it but it was pretty great.

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