Tanganyika Triplets

6/13/38 LIFE

Wondering why you’ve never heard of Tanganyika? Well, much like Istanbul was Constantinople, Tanganyika is now Tanzania. You’ve heard of that, yes? As stated in this editorial, triplets were unusual in Africa. Frankly, triplets are always unusual. But what’s most unusual is a white couple giving birth to black triplets. That happened.

How? Well, much like the recent news that Sofía Vergara will not allow her frozen embryos with former lover Nick Loeb to ever grow into human beings, couples with fertility problems often have leftover embryos after successful in vitro. Some are donated to research and some, like Sofia’s, will die. The Halberts, missionaries who had previously adopted two children of color, decided to implant leftover embryos from the National Embryo Donation Center into Rachel’s uterus. It took! And took, and took. She delivered triplets of her own, and now they are a happy family of five.


12 thoughts on “Tanganyika Triplets”

      1. I did just read it through it, processing that she was your step-sister and you had feelings toward her, and you are very torn up and drinking. I know you miss her.

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  1. Kerbey, there is not enough booze in Neptune’s great blue oceans to wash away my sorrow… over this loss, but, I’ll sailor on. Thank you for reading. Not aiming at self-pity here–just how I am feeling. Many have experienced sorrow–but this is new to me–I have been very lucky.
    Until now.


  2. Dear Kerbey,
    For cathartic purposes, I need to write more on this.
    And I do realize I am imposing upon your time and patience, but please understand this:
    I am not broadcasting my feelings all out there on the InterWebs;
    You are My Friend, and a fellow-Texan…
    I’ll shut up and write now.
    The attached is just one of my memories of Madelyn.
    It is too long.
    And verbose.
    But there is a lot of ‘Madelyn’ in there.




  3. “Tanganyika” is a word that always stuck in my mind. Not as a name for the country which was only around from 1961-1964 but because I was fascinated with Lake Tanganyika which is the longest fresh water lake in the world and the second deepest, facts learned in grade school that stuck to this day.

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