Tanganyika Triplets

Wondering why you’ve never heard of Tanganyika? Well, much like Istanbul was Constantinople, Tanganyika is now Tanzania. You’ve heard of that, yes? As stated in this editorial, triplets were unusual in Africa. Frankly, triplets are always unusual. But what’s most unusual is a white couple giving birth to black triplets. That happened. How? Well, muchContinue reading “Tanganyika Triplets”

Doing Science To See If You’re Expecting

Evidently, you had to do science 35 years ago to determine if you were in the family way. I’ve asked several Baby Boomer friends of mine, but none of them recall this particular pregnancy test kit, or ever using test tubes for results. 45 minutes? That’s a lot of waiting. You can eat dinner andContinue reading “Doing Science To See If You’re Expecting”