Spur: What Dry Throats Need


I grew up in Texas, so the connotation of a “spur” is not with refreshment, but more as a means of jabbing a horse to incite him to go. That certainly wouldn’t feel good going down.


I might also think of the San Antonio Spurs.


But certainly not a soda from the Canada Dry family. Sure, I’ve had plenty of tummy aches and plane rides that resulted in drinking Canada Dry, but I’ve never seen Spur cola. In fact, I’ve never seen Hi-spot either. Maybe these are only sold in places closer to Canada?

Dec 1949

In any event, they sure have cool memorabilia. Ever drunk a Spur, my friends?


14 thoughts on “Spur: What Dry Throats Need”

      1. Actually, when I researched it more, someone says they haven’t seen a bottle since 1948. So they have been gone our whole lives!


  1. Never heard of it. I am like you a drink called Spur would be the last thing I would drink were I parched. I vaguely recall a Hi Point soda but I could be mis remembering, That happens some time.

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  2. I have a vague memory of Hi Point, Kerbey, but certainly not spur. I again must recall the big billboard on the highway outside on New York City to ‘Drink Canada Dry’ that caused my father to wisely wonder to us out loud how many people it would take to do that.

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