Frosty, Man, Frosty


Now in Detroit! I’m not sure why this ad was targeted specifically at Detroit, giving its citizens (comprised of avid surfers along the Detroit coastline) access to the friendly Pepper-Upper. “Frosty, man, frosty” seems consistent with the beatnik counterculture depicted in the Dobie Gillis show that would air the following year. But isn’t the temperature of the drink dependent on its storage, and not its ingredients? Couldn’t any drink be frosty, man?

Like a pineapple, which is neither pine nor apple, Dr Pepper is neither medicinal nor peppery. But that didn’t stop the jingle makers of the 1977 commercial from using the bandwagon formula of letting all of America know that he, she, and they are peppers, and you might ought to get in line and become a pepper yourself. My friends and I loved to sing along with David Naughton when he appeared on our little black and white screens, donning a vest, and cavorting about. Oh, to be peppers!

Having lived in Texas my entire life, where DP was omnipresent, it was always an option. Many of us have visited the Dr Pepper Museum, as well as the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company. We know it was created by a pharmacist in Waco 100 years before we started drinking soda, and we knew the period after Dr was dropped in 1950.

However, it could never top Coke in my opinion, so I opted out of consuming it thrice daily during times of low blood sugar (10, 2, and 4). In fact, I’ve never even ordered one at a restaurant. Perhaps it’s a guy thing. My husband adores it. Oft times, I’ve ordered Coke in a restaurant, and been challenged with “Is Pepsi okay?” which it never is, so I settle for iced tea. But no server ever asks, “Is Mr. Pibb okay?” Never. DP is always available, and unlike a box of chocolates, you always know what you’re gonna get.

Spur: What Dry Throats Need

I grew up in Texas, so the connotation of a “spur” is not with refreshment, but more as a means of jabbing a horse to incite him to go. That certainly wouldn’t feel good going down.

I might also think of the San Antonio Spurs.

But certainly not a soda from the Canada Dry family. Sure, I’ve had plenty of tummy aches and plane rides that resulted in drinking Canada Dry, but I’ve never seen Spur cola. In fact, I’ve never seen Hi-spot either. Maybe these are only sold in places closer to Canada?

Dec 1949

In any event, they sure have cool memorabilia. Ever drunk a Spur, my friends?

Sales Of Spirits Soar But My Soul Longs Only For Thee

As Newsweek reported when this month began:


Yes. I get that. I’ve had a few pints. But it’s not the pints I’m jonesing for.

What I want is Coke. A frosty Coke and then a refill of frosty Coke immediately afterward.

Both of their bottles.

1959 LIFE

Don’t I deserve to be “really refreshed?”

Coke is everywhere. It taunts me in the pages of my magazines and from the walls of the antique stores. Is that Jane Wyman? I don’t know. All I want is her Coke.

I don’t need two liters of Coke. That’s too big, and it loses carbonation the second you open it up.

Then again, it can’t be too small.

Now this one is just right.

Pepsi Challenge: The Results Are In

If you don’t recall, Pepsi was being steamrolled by Coke in the early 80s (and now and will continue be in the future), so Pepsi’s marketing department came up with the Pepsi Challenge, a simple taste test to give consumers the opportunity to take an unbiased challenge. Below is Mr. Kotter hosting such an event.

Please note that the last actor to allegedly enjoy Pepsi was named Joe Kielbasa. Sounds legit. (Actually, there are several dudes by that name on Facebook, although one is wearing a dress like a woman).

It’s a free country; drink what you like. Call it cola or soda or pop, whatever. But remember, waitresses never have to ask patrons, “Is Coke okay?” Because yes. Yes, it is.

Ads Of Endless Summer


I can’t say as I’ve ever spent a beachside evening rallied ’round the campfire, but it sure looks swell. Good job, 7Up. But you’ve got stiff competition.


And while we’re on the water, check out this Shell Motor Oil ad. So serene.

If sticking close to land is more your game, enjoy some watermelon and iced tea with a smoke and some friends!

Whatever your vice, summer makes it nice!

Passport To Refreshment


I’d be pretty miffed, too, if all I had to drink was 12 oz in a Coke bottle. What’s that–three sips? That’s like drinking one glass of wine, one Pringle, one chip with salsa. It’s just a tease. But no worries–as soon as school was out, the kids hit the corner drug store for (no, not anti-depressants) fellowship, gossip, and soda pop.


Toss ’em back, girls. Finals are tomorrow and you’ll have to pull an all-nighter. And I’m not sure NoDoz has been invented yet. But take heart; in just two score years, the soda will be flowing like the River Thames.

SEVEN OUNCES! AM I READING THAT CORRECTLY? THAT’S A SHOT GLASS. But mercy, did it triple, quadruple, and whatever words there are for getting six times bigger. But that ain’t nothin’. Sonic sells the Route 44. Don’t you want to take the Nestea plunge into this cherry limeade?


Come to think of it, where’s the Route 66? Would that fit in the cupholder? Maybe, but it would dilute by the time I got home. Ugh! First World Problems!

Now, honestly, do you think they were only drinking one soda per sitting back in the day? That’s not what the soda companies wanted. When research in the 1930s showed that people’s blood sugar went down at 10:30am, 2:30pm, and 4:30pm, Dr. Pepper was all over that with their new slogan. Those of you who are slaves to the man have real jobs recognize these three times. I bet you get your caffeine on at 10, 2 and 4.

Yeah, there’s no way they just drank one. Think about it. If you’re on a date with Johnny, it only takes about three minutes to get through an entire bottle. Then what do you drink?


What did they drink before free refills? Did they order water? Did they just sit and get dehydrated for the next hour? There is no way I could eat Mexican food with only 12 oz to wash it down, especially if I just swallowed a serrano pepper.

Maybe they only drank one soda so they could save room for this:

I know; Shorpy is awesome.
I know; Shorpy is awesome.

I meant the ice cream, not the soda jerk. Although he looks dapper in his starched whites. Can you begin to imagine what that would taste like? Ice cream from a cow that ate grass, that roamed around on a farm, not pumped full of growth hormones or antibiotics, before the estrogenization of dairy, before man boobs and low T. Sorry, I’m off on a tangent. Where were we again? Oh, yeah. Soda. Could it get any crazier?

It has.


So what’s the answer? Where do we go from here?

Oops. Nevermind. That’s actually a lighter.

Tiny Bubbles

2013-09-06 001 001

Look closely (double-click) and you can see the fizzy carbonation shooting up into the air!

2013-09-06 001 002

I really don’t understand how people can cut out soda in their diet.  Soda makes me so happy.  Despite the empty calories, the caffeine, and the high fructose corn syrup, I still delight in those tiny bubbles.  And, no, mineral water/club soda is not the same.  At all.

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