Sales Of Spirits Soar But My Soul Longs Only For Thee

As Newsweek reported when this month began:


Yes. I get that. I’ve had a few pints. But it’s not the pints I’m jonesing for.

What I want is Coke. A frosty Coke and then a refill of frosty Coke immediately afterward.

Both of their bottles.

1959 LIFE

Don’t I deserve to be “really refreshed?”

Coke is everywhere. It taunts me in the pages of my magazines and from the walls of the antique stores. Is that Jane Wyman? I don’t know. All I want is her Coke.

I don’t need two liters of Coke. That’s too big, and it loses carbonation the second you open it up.

Then again, it can’t be too small.

Now this one is just right.

12 thoughts on “Sales Of Spirits Soar But My Soul Longs Only For Thee”

  1. I too am missing small treats and agree that an ice cold soda (my preference is Dr Pepper) would be just the ticket right now. My grocery costs have jumped up since we went into lockdown. Apart from eggs (which now appear to cost more per weight than gold) I don’t think prices have gone up so much as scarcity on the shelves is forcing me to buy brand name when previously I would have bought generic and, of course, there are no special offers right now. Anyway, that means I am only buying proper ingredients that will make meals and keep us eating nutritiously so I have resisted buying junk treats and empty calories. We are only at the end of month one of lockdown, however. I may break down and have to buy junk treats at some point.

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    1. Right? We had just paid for a weight loss app and were doing pretty well in February but now the lockdown is making it more difficult. We can’t go to the store twice a week and get produce so there are a lot more canned things in our diet. It’s easy to be disciplined in the beginning. My hubby is enjoying a Dr Pepper so I’ll have him toast you as the only estrogen in your lock down.

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