Ads Of Endless Summer


I can’t say as I’ve ever spent a beachside evening rallied ’round the campfire, but it sure looks swell. Good job, 7Up. But you’ve got stiff competition.


And while we’re on the water, check out this Shell Motor Oil ad. So serene.

If sticking close to land is more your game, enjoy some watermelon and iced tea with a smoke and some friends!

Whatever your vice, summer makes it nice!

5 thoughts on “Ads Of Endless Summer

  1. Lotta fun – The old ads look so warm and fuzzy. Did you know that Phillip Morris actually owned 7-up in the early 80’s? Back before the 50’s 7-up had a lithium mood enhancer in it – of course Coke had cocaine. We marvel at that but both were originally manufactured as and sold as patent medicines.

    I always was attracted to the 7-up long neck green bottle with white logo on it. Great ads Kerbey.

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