JFK’s Last Evening Spent In Awkward Company Of Mariachis

Houston Chronicle

November 21, 1963

Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas

Jackie and Jack, Lady Bird and LBJ attending a LULAC (League of United Latin-American Citizens ) function


Anyone else feel awkward when the mariachi band comes by? You smile and nod when they sidle up beside your table, but of course you can’t sing along. You don’t want to eat while they’re playing, or resume conversation with your guests because that would be rude, so you smile and wait it out. Should you tip? How would you even tip when their hands are full? I’m trying to eat Combo #4. Please move along. I’ll enjoy it more when you’re 10 feet away.

Aguilas de Oro playing at Los Agaves in South Charleston by Chris Dorst/Gazette-Mail

9 thoughts on “JFK’s Last Evening Spent In Awkward Company Of Mariachis”

  1. One time I went to a karaoke bar with friends, and this guy brought his saxophone to play (which was unique on its own) but then he came and sat in the chair right next to me and started saxophone serenading me. So. Painfully. Awkward.

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      1. Right??? My husband couldn’t rescue me either because he was up next to karaoke and waiting by the stage! (And no – he certainly didn’t look like a Hemsworth brother haha!)

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