JFK’s Last Evening Spent In Awkward Company Of Mariachis

November 21, 1963 Rice Hotel in Houston, Texas Jackie and Jack, Lady Bird and LBJ attending a LULAC (League of United Latin-American Citizens ) function   Anyone else feel awkward when the mariachi band comes by? You smile and nod when they sidle up beside your table, but of course you can’t sing along. YouContinue reading “JFK’s Last Evening Spent In Awkward Company Of Mariachis”

Where Sombreros Are Born

Ever wonder how it is that every full-service Mexican restaurant has ample sombreros to place upon each birthday patron’s head? Now you know. These milliners are ankle deep in straw hats of different weaves. Do you own one, tucked into the back of your closet? No? Have you ever been the lucky sap beneath the hatContinue reading “Where Sombreros Are Born”

Snap, Snap, Mexican Hat Dance

Toro! Toro! Toro! Let me count the ways I so love this ad.  Okay, so this ad was in the back of the 1963 Comet, which I posted about earlier today.  But I could not just drop this in to the post because it possesses clear and present superiority.  It is the bomb.  It requiresContinue reading “Snap, Snap, Mexican Hat Dance”