Only Interesting People


Ooh-la-la! Très exclusive. Only for the interesting people! Why, you’ll find novelists, actresses, professors, and big-game hunters on French Line! Only the best and brightest are allowed aboard, where they serve table wine complimentary. Much fancy! The servers even speak the English because that’s civilized.

One wonders how the French ever got pegged with a rep for snobbery.

7 thoughts on “Only Interesting People”

  1. The ad was touting the SS Normandie which in 1935 was the largest and fastest of the trans-Atlantic ocean liners. Some très bon trivia: the Normandie’s big competitor was the Queen Mary which ultimately was much more popular for two reasons – the Normandie was almost all first class so very expensive and the interior design of the Normandie was considered too artsy-fartsy and fancy (hence uncomfortable) compared to the Queen Mary, which echoes the theme of your post. Hon, hon. Oh well, it turned turtle, burned and capsized in New York in 1942 so we don’t have to worry about those frenchie boats.


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