I Can’t Wait Till Summer So Overdressed Older People Can Gawk At Me

Well, what do have we here? It seems as though Mom and Dad have just returned from Sunday services, and Margie (who surely attended as well) quickly changed into … why, YES, it IS a teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini (the song actually came out 10 years after this picture) and is testing the pool water. But doesn’t it seem odd that Dad hasn’t at least loosened his tie since returning home? Mom didn’t pause to take her gloves off and set them on the counter? It’s such a strange juxtaposition. Can’t her parents swim? Dad is either so full of pride at the amazing back dive Margie has in store or he’s stabilizing himself from holding that heavy camera. Come on, Margie! You can do it!



Observation and Interpretation:

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