New Adrien Brody Flick


Now, now, I’m just having fun with the Oscar-winning actor, who used to perform as a child magician under the name The Amazing Adrien. Just think how odd he’d look if he didn’t have such an obtrusive appendage.

Almost too pretty.


13 thoughts on “New Adrien Brody Flick”

  1. Is it bad that I don’t know of Mr. Brody? He has fine taste in suits (from the small bit we see) and a lovely smile. Hair could use a bit more care, though that’s the “messy Hollywood” look, yes? The nose thing brings to that time on Brady Bunch when Marcia got her face pummeled by Greg’s (?) football. Oh the horrors. I like the comic–fun colors.

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    1. I think he got an Oscar for “The Pianist” years ago, but I never saw it. I do, however, clearly remember him calling out Halle Berry’s name at the awards and dipping her back and kissing her w/out her consent. We saw him more recently as a con artist in “The Brothers Bloom” with Mark Ruffalo. And I do recall that BB episode, and I think Marcia had a bruised nose. I’m sure if we traced it back, it would somehow be Jan’s fault.

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  2. We make fun of that nose, but genetically and historically it belongs to conquerers and revolutionaries – likely why we don’t accept it as the norm. It was present in Rome (called the Roman nose or Aqualine – translates from latin as beak like- belonging to avian predators) and is associated with “… Alexander the Great, Dante Alighieri, “all the chief men of the Renaissance”, as well as King David. Grant identified Jesus Christ as having had …” (Wiki) It is also found amongst Persians – one of the oldest and historically most powerful cultures in the world.

    I don’t doubt that the actor deliberately keeps that nose. i had a friend who was similarly blessed and he had a nose job done in his late teens – and looked “normal” from then on.

    Kid yourself not – he is leveraging hs nose as a selling point in his career.

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    1. I agree: you can’t be a character actor with no character. And he’s much more attractive than my post on Jimmy Durante and his proboscis. Let us not forget what happened to Jennifer Grey after her nose job. And poor Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers (RIP) should have kept their originals as well. I like to think God knows what He is doing when He knits our little faces in the womb. That said, I am here to mock, and mock I will. 🙂

      I have no doubt that both David and Jesus had large noses, being Jewish men. No way they were blond with button noses. In high school, I met a boy named Jeff at a teen club, and I called him Jeff the Aquiline due to his beakish nose, and he was quite cute with good feathered hair. Wonder what happened to him? He’s not winning Oscars like Adrien…


  3. Keep the beak! Keep the beak! Keep the beak!

    For some reason your photo doctoring and comment string has made me feel like chanting, Kerbey. Adrien has made a wise decision to day the (prominent) course. He sniffed out a good thing and stayed with it. Liz, how have you never heard of or seen this actor? “The Grand Budapest Hotel” last year, even … OK, that’s fine …

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  4. I’d rather the first picture. So much character and distinctly his. People who try to alter their looks through cosmetic surgery (that is their business, I am not against or pro) is removing their indelible life print. Pinocchio is Pinocchio because of his imperfection.( PArdon the Pinocchio reference) :p

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