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Trotting At Ollie Trout’s Trailer Park

Miami, FL 1938 "This Fabulous Century" Time Life
Miami, FL 1938

Slow dancing, swaying to the music at a pre-war Sunshine State trailer park sounds Grrrrr-REAT to me right about now. This January weather does not suit me.

Cold + windy = evil

The bystanders look bored to tears, or just plain miffed. Maybe they ran out of rum?



14 thoughts on “Trotting At Ollie Trout’s Trailer Park”

  1. The other day’s nightclub is no longer top of my list. I want to go here now. Not sure you can wear your hair feathers and dress cut up to there without standing out though. Thinking we should go for floral prints. I will order a Mai Tai. Then again, maybe we should keep the nightclub as back-up. Some of those folks look a bit odd. And I never go for bare-chested men’s bellies hanging over shorts. Yuck.

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    1. The way I look now, I will don a muu-muu like Mrs. Roper and drink Mai Tais with you. I don’t care for that either, but I don’t have much of a choice re: bellies LOL. The guy in the undershirt is weird.


  2. Looks like a bad performance of “South Pacific.” Come on, let”s all sing along:
    My doll is as dainty as a sparrow,
    Her figure is somethin’ to applaud.
    Where she’s narrow she’s as narrow an arrow,
    And she’s broad where a broad should be broad.
    A hundred and one pounds of fun,
    That’s my little honey bun!

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    1. Lovely! I prefer “Bali Hai” or “There Is Nothing Like a Dame” (nothing in the WORLD!). Doesn’t she wash a man out of her hair as well? Ah, the technicolor!


    1. Yes, I was thinking about how that was Depression era. Not a fancy place, but you make due. Just some concrete upon which to dance and music, some warm bodies and a cocktail–all good.

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  3. The crowd is so dour because of the paucity of decent male dancers, I think, Kerbey. In the top picture we have belly guy and two gents with shorts too short and unexplainable footwear. In the bottom, it’s just Eddie Munster grown up. In both photos women have taken to dancing with each other. And it’s between wars! It makes me wonder why ole Ollie Trout thought he must actually rope off the dancing area.

    Sigh. And yet I’d love to be there where it’s warm, drinking drinks with you all and not dancing unless pulled out by the hand, and then amazing everyone with moves that have been hidden slyly … Hahahaha.

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    1. You make a good assessment. All this lack of good manmeat available makes me understand why there wasn’t a baby BOOM until the boys came home. If they weren’t going to dance with it, they certainly wouldn’t want to have children with these options

      We’ll see about your dance moves!.


  4. hehehe this is very cool..umm I mean warm lol! The images remind me of the pool parties at the Viva Rockabilly party. People dancing and other sitting around watching. I hear ya on the weather…I done with being cold and could use a mai-tai in Hawaii right now.

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