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The Best Is Yet To Come

KUFall1940018I saw this picture in a 1940 yearbook and thought, “That looks a lot like Ol’ Blue Eyes, except for those jacked-up teeth.” Turns out it was Sinatra, and the best (teeth) were yet to come. The Chairman of the Board was not the big draw at the above 1940 Freshman Frolic; that honor went to Tommy Dorsey. Back in 1940, 25-year-old Frank was merely a “boy singer” in Dorsey’s band, earning sufficient funds to fix his teeth.


In fact, another six years would pass before Sinatra released his first studio album, The Voice of Frank Sinatra. He was lucky to get a mention in this partial review.
sinatraDon’t worry, Roscoe. He can’t put a hit out on you for saying this, although that does sound like his style. Confrontation he did not shy away from. And it was that spirit that sent him back for another round of dental work years later.

As Paul Anka recalls, a drunk Sinatra, upset that Sands Casino owner Howard Hughes had declined his credit, jumped up on a blackjack table and pitched a fit. When manager Carl Cohen tried to calm him down, Sinatra called him a “fat Jew bas****” and turned over a table. What could Cohen do? Turn the other cheek? Or punch him in the face and send Frank’s teeth flying across the room? He chose the latter.


“You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you”.–Walt Disney

22 thoughts on “The Best Is Yet To Come”

  1. I have read quite a bit of not too flattering stuff about ol’ blue eyes. He may have been a great singer but he apparently was not a very good citizen. It is alleged that he pay a Dr. 50 grand to turn is 1A status to 4F. That is hard to un- hear. You do turn out some varied and interesting posts. I enjoy them very much. You can never ever stop.


    1. Power can corrupt a man for sure. (I say this as I’m watching the fall of the Third Reich on History Channel right now). It makes you wonder what’s rumor and truth, but there sure are a lot of stories about his mafia connections. Okay, I’ll never stop. 🙂


  2. I wonder who ended up more famous, Roscoe Born or Frank Sinatra?

    As a music critic for 21 years, I knew somebody someday could walk up to me with a faded news page burning in their memory but dim in mine. Hell, it still could happen.

    Young artists do get better.

    As far as acting like the world was his, well, the world was his. People put up with it more then than now.


      1. Now that’s a pretty big grudge match right there, Kerbey. I don’t think Kanye ever had a dude named Roscoe Born write a line like that about him and get away with it …


  3. I like that you’re tellin’ it like it is, Kerbey 😉 And I also like that you tagged this under Teeth.

    You’ve done excellent detective work here. Are you a Sinatra fan?

    Roscoe Born is a cross between Sam Born (guy who made Peeps famous) and our Roscoe Rodda (Peeps inventor) and I just love that. You have rocked my world once again.


    1. I have some Sinatra cds bc I feel like every American should. I like some of his music, and the whole Rat Pack history is interesting. But he did sound like pretty much of a power hungry tool. I would have enjoyed Dean Martin more. I never tire of the name Roscoe. Who could?


  4. Another brilliant piece my friend. Are you a collector of antiques as well or just pictures? I never knew what an A-hole he was. That’s unfortunate. Fred Astaire as well, I think I’ve heard that somewhere. It’s a wonder why the name Roscoe ever fell out of favor.


    1. What?? Fred Astaire was, too? Next, you’ll be telling me the scarecrow from Oz was mean! But to answer your question, I have clothes in my closet from Goodwill and furniture from Salvation Army. We are a thrifty people (otherwise, I couldn’t be a stay at home mom), so while we have some older, nice pieces, they are not top-notch antiques. But we like to preserve whatever we can, if it’s in good shape. And I love campy, kitschy stuff, to a degree.


      1. I haunt second hand shops too. I figured your house would be stocked with artifacts like vintage coke memorabilia, framed Mad Men-ish 1960’s advertising on the walls, lots of distressed wood with layers of old paint peeking through. Am I close?


      2. Well, first room when you walk in has stacks of Life magazines in the cabinets and framed 50s ads and a shelf of Coke memorabilia LOL, so you’re right. And palm tree curtains! But the house is only a few years old, so we keep it neutral like it was painted. “Desert fawn.” Not fun, but better for resale. The kitchen has old framed ads, too, with a starburst clock and pics of waitresses serving breakfasts to make me smile.


  5. I think I might be guilty of slandering Fred Astaire. I’m pretty sure it was Bing Crosby that was the creep. Child abuse. I’ll need to investigate further and get back to you Kerb. My apologies to Mr. Astaire.


      1. I just read through these. I’ve been reading celeb bios since I was a wee one at the public library, so I heard about these except for poor Gloria Vanderbilt. I knew Bing was bad, but DANG–I didn’t know all four of his sons with his first wife are dead, and that two shot themselves in the head! Being a parent is hard and we all screw up, but it’s heartwrenching to hear what people do to their kids, esp when they’re rich and powerful.


    1. I’m trying not to have coffee today, so I’m having chai, but it’s like saying, “I’m not going to take deep calming breaths today, just little shallow ones that make me miserable.” Maybe you can find some pics of unicorns pooting rainbows.

      That reminds–me when we went to the zoo el ano pasado, an elephant decided it was time to pee, and he just let loose a waterfall–like a huge sheet of pee that continued for several seconds. Quite impressive. And then he (or she) broke elephant wind and sent the children screaming and running for cover. There, hope you’re cheered up.


      1. Porque no cafecito? I can honestly say that’s the first time anyone has ever told me that something I said reminded them of an elephant breaking wind. I do love you Kerbey!


      2. Oh, my stupid ear is pounding again like a drum in my head, so maybe it’s the caffeine? Or the cookies I baked yesterday? Or the riesling? I’m just trying to eliminate one variable. One very soothing variable. 😦


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