14 thoughts on “Let The Good Times Roll, Part II

  1. Boy that car is as homely as that bike is cool. Indian or Harley? Is that a fringed bag on back? The dudes are even wearing dress slacks and dress shoes. Good times in deed.


  2. Bubbles takes Brenda for a spin. Daddy has yet to see what Bubbles has done to his car to heighten Homecoming Weekend spirit.

    Billy prepares to take fraternity brother Brian for a spin. Daddy has yet to see what Billy has done with next semester’s tuition check.


  3. I want that car!!!! What color are the background and dots? Black and white, I suppose. (notice I did not say “poop” at any time during this comment 😉 )


    1. Well, it could be a very self-controlled seagull pooping consistently sized dots on the car, but chances are low. Especially with no beaches in Kansas. 😉


  4. Wow, I think that car used to belong to my father, while he attended Kansas University! We talked with him just last night and he said he used to own a black 1922 Dodge Phaeton. He said that after he sold it, the next owner painted pink polka dots on it. Gotta be the same one. Wow.


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