Jayhawker Life, April 1936, Part II

Yesterday, we looked at the life of a University of Kansas Jayhawk in the spring of 1936. Today, we start with scenes from their social life. Students bought tickets for Carnival Town. It was an indoor affair. Lucky Millinder provided the music. There were sideshow acts as well. The students loved costume parties. And sportsContinue reading “Jayhawker Life, April 1936, Part II”

Jayhawker Life, April 1936, Part I

Though we don’t think of 1936 as a particularly hopeful, happy year in American history, the students at the University of Kansas seemed to be doing just fine. Interesting jazzy artwork, no? Costume parties, bicycles built for two… Roller skating, swimming, snowmen, shooting, wrestling, and a toucan that is in no way a jayhawk, theirContinue reading “Jayhawker Life, April 1936, Part I”