Jayhawker Life, April 1936, Part I

Though we don’t think of 1936 as a particularly hopeful, happy year in American history, the students at the University of Kansas seemed to be doing just fine.

Interesting jazzy artwork, no? Costume parties, bicycles built for two…

Roller skating, swimming, snowmen, shooting, wrestling, and a toucan that is in no way a jayhawk, their mythical mascot. The name is a combination of two birds — the noisy blue jay, known to rob nests, and the sparrow hawk, a stealthy hunter.

The typical hazing took place.

The ladies of the YWCA posed for this portrait.

I found this an odd item to place in a university magazine. What say you?

12 thoughts on “Jayhawker Life, April 1936, Part I”

  1. It seems as if the editor is trying to shame the Prof. Unless they were “making out” in a booth that piece is uncalled for. That’s just my perspective. Isn’t 75 cents high for a magazine in 36?

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    1. Agree on both counts. I thought it seemed an exorbitant price. If a gallon of gas was 10 cents, then it would be like buying 7 gallons of gas. Who would buy a magazine today at the equivalent of 7 gallons of our gas? That’s a whole yearly subscription.

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