You’re My Wonder (Wet) Wall

I saw this today and had to share. Did y’all even know these were called wet walls? I sure didn’t. But I’ve never worked in grocery, or retail at all. My years were spent serving folks cooked veggies on plates in restaurants, not organizing them so satisfyingly brilliantly.

Who knew radishes and chives harmonized so well?

This is better art than I’ve seen in overpriced coastal galleries. I’ll take this over a watercolor lighthouse any day.

BTW, it’s also called “wet rack,” but I wouldn’t Google that.

I know the starting pay at our local grocery store is $15/hr, way more than I make with my degree. But whoever did this needs to get a bonus. That’s thinking outside the box.

Except at first glance, it kind of looks tuna shoved in there …


11 thoughts on “You’re My Wonder (Wet) Wall”

  1. Thanks for the education. I worked in a supermarket during my undergraduate degree and still didn’t know it was called a wet wall. I am definitely someone who takes pride in their work but I absolutely do not think I could be arsed stacking produce in some kind of fancy or arty way. Neat and tidy, yes, but veg as artistic performance, no.

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  2. I knew about “wet walls” but I’m an old retail guy and rubbed shoulders with folks in the grocery segment. Usually those fancy displays are in hoity toity grocers that I can’t afford like Whole Foods or such. At our local market, a Kroger brand, the stuff is nicely displayed but there’s no artistry among the artichokes. no passion among the papayas and no beauty among the beets.

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    1. I hear you. We have a Whole Foods about 10 minutes away but after seeing that they carry the exact same items as other grocers do for double the price, we’ve never gone back. It was really nice in 1981, though. 😀 I guess middle-income people only get inartistic artichokes. Wait, we can’t even afford artichokes! The truth is, we get manhandled zucchinis that already have several fingernail prints in their skin.

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      1. My mom used to make them when I was young and she would always have a bowl of melted butter. I love them so much! But you’re right. You don’t get much Off The Leaf. And you have to fight over the heart.


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