Men Who Don’t Fit Through Doorways

Look, I’m fine with barrel-chested men. No worries. But this is ridiculous. These heads don’t match these bodies, and these bodies don’t exist in nature.

Just look at the man above! He’s at least three feet wide. It’s like hugging a refrigerator.

The ads aren’t even targeted toward large men. They just presume all men are this wide? Perhaps if an elephant stepped on them, they would be.

One would think that folks would be rationing material in The Great Depression, not overusing it.

This last guy is ridiculous. He’s half farmer, half mobster, and 100% frightening. What do you feed him? Does he eat from a trough?

And just in case you’re not sure what kind of chest you have, here’s a chart.


12 thoughts on “Men Who Don’t Fit Through Doorways”

  1. Wow. Those are some big guys. When I was younger I went to a couple of parties put on by an amateur rugby league and some of those guys were HUGE. Some of those guys could match up to these ads but they were unique. Freaks. Most men don’t even come close. I do dig those prices though.

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  2. Do you think all the ads are by the same artist and this was just his (I am assuming gender of course) personal style? It does look very weird. It made me think of the Beetlejuice at the end of the movie and also of those early 18th century paintings of livestock where they make the cows look colossal.

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    1. Yes, I also thought of Beetlejuice’s tiny head LOL. I figured it was different artists since it was for different things. I guess it could be the same. Maybe he looked like that? Ha!

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