Nice Maracas


No, this tropically-clad lady isn’t Carmen Miranda; she’s a guest enjoying the Chicago Art Guild’s annual Green Moth Ball. The ball had been all but suspended during the war years, and now was being revived by 600 guests at Chicago’s Continental Hotel.


Evidently the conga line grew and the liquor flowed until the official end time of 4:30am. As Life put it, “A few guests at this rowdy party could always be counted on to land in jail before the festivities were over.” And who could blame them? It was November 30, 1945, the war was over, Hitler was dead, and the holiday season was upon them. If there ever was a time to celebrate, it was then!

7 thoughts on “Nice Maracas

  1. Looks like one heck of a party. Even I might have ended up in the clink,but it should not have been from drinking too much whiskey. Not at $18 per bottle. That was one heck of a price in 1945. Of course I am curious as to what was on the menu.

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    1. Maybe the “bottle of whiskey” was actually a really nice single-malt scotch. Like an aged Macallan. I hear that pairs well with “dinner.” And maracas.

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