For All The March Birthday Babies Who Got Robbed This Year

WWII by CL Sulzberger

Hair adorned with flower, a hostess at New York’s Stage Door Canteen offers birthday cake to servicemen.

Those of you denied birthday parties may have not even received cake this year. You can’t trust the local bakery to have prepared it covid-free. Perhaps you had to make do with queso de Swiss like Senor Gonzales here.

But from all us at “I Don’t Get It,” here’s wishing you a much better 2021!

Nice Maracas


No, this tropically-clad lady isn’t Carmen Miranda; she’s a guest enjoying the Chicago Art Guild’s annual Green Moth Ball. The ball had been all but suspended during the war years, and now was being revived by 600 guests at Chicago’s Continental Hotel.


Evidently the conga line grew and the liquor flowed until the official end time of 4:30am. As Life put it, “A few guests at this rowdy party could always be counted on to land in jail before the festivities were over.” And who could blame them? It was November 30, 1945, the war was over, Hitler was dead, and the holiday season was upon them. If there ever was a time to celebrate, it was then!

It’s My Gift In A Box

Redskin48-016Good morning! Today is my birthday, and it started off with a gift from my husband, sans chimp-hands.

I got my first birthday greeting at the crack of dawn.

Redskin48-019The mailman had scads of birthday cards for me (crossing my fingers there’s no glitter; I hate hate hate glitter!)

Redskin48-014My girls are coming over to fix me up, Sandra Dee style.

Redskin48-018A fabulous party is planned for the noon hour.

Redskin48-024Toasts will be made in my honor.

Redskin48-020In fact, the entire state will raise their hats to me.

Redskin48-021And when the sun goes down, the hub and I may throw caution to the wind and share a bottle of unpasteurized milk.

Redskin48-015We know how to party.


*All pictures are from the 1948 Oklahoma A&M College yearbook.