10 thoughts on “Mrs. Takahashi Decides To Get Inked”

  1. Really!? A tattoo at her age. And by a guy in a suit. What is the world coming to? Of course the advantage of getting inked at an older age does cut down on some of the disappointed caused by sagging.

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      1. More than you really need or care to know:
        Japanese written language utilizes Chinese characters (kanji) plus a couple of other syllabaries (hirgana and katakana) so this is likely a situation where Japanese are studying a poem that was written using only Chinese characters, something common in the olden days. The Chinese characters have, in many cases, evolved from their original form but the ones in the photo are the old style. Even today there are groups who specialize in this form of poetry. So, you and the yearbook are probably 100% correct but now (as Paul Harvey used to say) you know the rest of the story.

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      2. Aha! The AJF is going to know more than I do, for sure. Groups who specialize in that form of poetry? Wow. I had no idea written Japanese used Chinese characters. Do most Americans know that or are most of us ignorant? Way to make me feel dumb. But you already knew I “don’t get it.” 🙂


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