Body Language


Sometimes you don’t need the deets; the body language tells a story all its own. Granted, we don’t need if he could’ve had a V-8 or if he forgot her name, but we know he just had a lightbulb moment.


So what do y’all think about her posture here? Is that welcoming, or overarching? Is he getting all up in her personal space? Her smile says “yes,” but her lower back says “no.”


By the looks of those palms on those cheeks, I think we can all agree on this one. Urline is screwing up the baked goods again. Bless her heart.


This one is a little more subtle. Clearly, Janice from Friends has a sister, and she is miffed. Maybe it’s because she’s six foot tall, and all the men are short at this party. Debra, on the other hand, is enjoying Monterrey Jack squares like there is no tomorrow. It’s a perfect balance to a flat diet Coke. And Diane–well, there’s that overarching again. Her smile says “yes,” but her eyes say, “Five bucks says there’s salmonella on that tray now. Debra never washes her hands.” Wait–did they have salmonella in the 80s?


And this last guy–Gwinn Henry? Well, you can tell by the way he uses his walk, he’s a woman’s man, no time to talk.



  1. Well;let’s see. Lightbulb boy just can’t believe someone glued his hand to his head,and his companion’s reaction is to laugh maniacally. As for the cutie in the Tartan plaid she is interested, she just wishes ol’ boy knew about mouthwash. You’re absolutely right about Urline. Poor Urline. Bless her heart.
    Actually,Janice is miffed that her flask was confiscated. Diane is absolutely appalled at what Debra is wearing. And Debra is flabbergasted that no one likes her outfit. Nice pic of Gwinn. You are right.He’s just stayin’ alive.

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  2. The top picture they seem to be having a great time-enjoying each other. The others all contain elements of what I call party posturing – like : I’m expected to smile, so I smile. Or I’m expected to stand here and look good but I can paste a vacant look on my face while I’m doing it.

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