Expressions Of Holiday-Mandated Ardor

Feb 1941
Feb 1941

In this age of hoarders and storage units dotting the landscape, who couldn’t use a cedar chest on Valentine’s Day? Cedar looks and smells better than particle board, and it can hold a lot of old Life magazines, the kind that have these ads.

Once your valentine has a place to store her personals, she can’t wait to tackle the housecleaning. An organized house is great, but a sparkling clean one is even better. Consider giving the gift of Sani-Flush.

LifeFeb41-060It cleans incrustations! Find a way to use that word today, if you can. And if it’s not just the toilet bowl that reeks, consider Colgate to brush away the stench of her foul breath.


You may think a tube of toothpaste could be offensive, but any woman would delight in a reference to a deficiency in her personal hygiene. Still, if you want to go the extra mile, forget taking her to Fifty Shades of Gay. Women don’t like movies like that. What we really dig are inaugural films. This is sure to be right up her alley.


I can’t wait until the fourth inauguration comes out!




  1. Wow. Truly priceless ads. I have heard of Lane before. Weren’t Lane chests given as prizes on old TV programs? I know Sani-Flush is still around, how about Lane? On the ad regarding mouth stink what was the ad for?

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  2. First things first: Digging your new format. The biggest change I’ve seen yet. So sleek! Great ads–far more wordy (especially the first one) than anything you’d see today. Hilarious, the bad breath and toilet bowl. Don’t Ellen’s “friends” know it’s not nice to point fingers? Even with the magic of Sani-Flush, the toilet cleaner still doesn’t look very happy.

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  3. Ellen’s bad breath disappeared once the Colgate dislodged the incrustations that had formed because of her callous years of using Crest. Once boyfriend Bobby caught one whiff, he ditched his plans of Sani-Flush for Valetine’s Day in favor of a large, luxurious Lane Hope Chest! Alas, the lad strained his hammies lugging the gift to her door, and was not able to take his sweet-mouthed lass out to holiday dinner.

    Yes, Kerbey, the new Sela Theme sure is easy on the eyes. 🙂

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