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What Obstetricians Do At Day’s End

1941 Life magazine
1941 Life magazine



13 thoughts on “What Obstetricians Do At Day’s End”

  1. why is no one concerned about all women being worried and tense in our crowded days as we madly race toward that unforeseen future. Sheesh. I’ll have a beer, too. Better yet, make that an Old-fashioned 🙂

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    1. Understandable question. All I can think is that it was 1941, and we knew we might be involved in WWII soon, so men would have to go fight and needed to get their drinking in now. Although that old man wouldn’t be going anywhere at his age…


      1. True. (had to restrain myself from adding “‘dat”) I’m going with it was a man’s world back then and it wouldn’t be until the ’80s when a woman realized she could bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never ever let you (well, not you you, but you know what I mean) forget you’re a man. Women were still getting theirs in the ’40s though; it was considered “medicinal.” Or so I’m told.


      2. I smell the faint scent of Enjoli in the air. Could it possibly smell better than frying bacon? I still consider my drinks medicinal. I took medicine just last night with pizza. I believe it was Aretha Franklin who would sing 40 yrs later, “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.” Still not sure what she meant.

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