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Indian Men Ankle-Deep In Peppercorns, Wearing Beautiful Wrap Skirts

Saveur magazine, Jan/Feb 2002
Saveur magazine, Jan/Feb 2002

During my many trips to India, specifically the village of Kerala, this was a familiar sight. Tanned men with enviable full heads of hair, revealing sculpted calves beneath skirts straight out of The Preppy Handbook, working the Tellicherry and Malabar peppercorns as they dried in the sun. No, wait, I’ve never been overseas; I’ve only eaten curry dishes at Royal India off the highway. In any event, their waiters would do themselves a favor to don such gay apparel.


18 thoughts on “Indian Men Ankle-Deep In Peppercorns, Wearing Beautiful Wrap Skirts”

  1. Well I like peppercorns but I prefer using a mill, rather than my feet. Also his skirt might be the “bee’s knees” to the local fellows but his sense of color and pattern co-ordination sure sucks.

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  2. ha, had I not known you better, I’d have totally believed the first half of your post–spoken (written) like a well-traveled blogger 🙂

    Just gotta say: love those skirts and they do have nice legs. But does this mean that peppercorns have been stomped on before packaging? Please tell me they’re washed somehow.

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  3. I will dole out pepper from any old shake and put my pre-ground Dunk N Donuts into my coffee maker every night and set the timer with no pretenses whatever, Kerbey and Liz. Whaddya think of me now! In my summer golf shorts I make this skirt-footer guy look lame, besides.

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