10 thoughts on “Walk Headfirst Into Life

      1. That’s what they all say Missy. Let me remind you what your parents said when you were young and heard somone else swearing and had to “just repeat it” within your parents’ ear-shot. “Oh, it wasn’t me swearing – i’m just telling you what he said.” Uh Huh, yeah right. ha!

        It reminds me of a good friend of mine – Penny. She was chronically pregnant (6 or 7 kids – I lost count) and i was talking to her one day after she had been “unpregnant” for about 2 years. She complained that she was always hitting her nose on doors. Puzzled, I asked her what the heck she was talking about. She explained that she had been nursing pretty much non-stop for over 12 years and with all the children always seemed to have her hands full. So, she’d just walk up to swinging doors at grocery stores and such and keep going until her breasts pushed the door open. The day before we spoke she had forgotten and had walked up to a door until she smacked her nose on it – as her breasts no longer were full of milk. Ha!

        All that to say that the young lady in your picture, even though she is not apparently nursing, is not in any danger of harming her nose.

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  1. That’s a great-looking Life they had back then in January, 1946, Kerbey. I see the editors were going for the west coast look to get the newstand sales from the east coast crowd. Smart move, I think. Marketing genius says I, as the snow hits the eastern seaboard.

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