Little Francis Albert


In truth, the eldest son holding both parents’ hands is not Frank Sinatra strolling the streets of Hoboken. It’s a portrait of post-war life, in the biggest Veterans’ Village in the United States, fresh out of the 1947 Oklahoma and Agricultural & Mechanical College yearbook. So if this man looks a bit too old for the university, it’s because he sacrificed part of his youth to serve in WWII, and now it was time to get his learnin’ on.

With the Baby Boom in full effect, veteran students needed houses for their growing families, located near campus. This is where the family lived.


11 thoughts on “Little Francis Albert

  1. Pretty amazing what they could accomplish – building a whole town to accomodate the educational needs of a returning military. i am very doubtful if any such effort woud be put out now to help veterans. Money has become too important and most veterans are eft to work out their own problems – even when those probems are insurmountable.

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    1. I hear that, Paul. Just seeing the poor treatment our veterans get here, the months and YEARS it takes for some of our friends to go through the red tape of getting treatment through the Veterans’ Affairs Clinics, is heartbreaking. One we know has been in braces for knees that were injured repeatedly jumping out of planes. He lives w/ 24/7 chronic pain bc of his service. 😦


  2. Could they BE a better looking family? They’re gorgeous. So here is my cynical thought: Whenever we take a family picture, we look all smiley and happy but 9 times out of 10 there was some sort of skirmish immediately before or after the picture, usually one of the girls crying or both of them fighting. So I tend to think happy-family photos are but an illusion. Then again, they’re together, reunited, which is reason enough to smile for the camera. And hopefully they like their neighbors because they are living in close quarters.

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    1. I printed 300 pics last week at Walgreen’s to make my second half of 2014 scrapbook (I realize that’s overkill), and I’m in the middle of it right now–but I am consciously choosing what makes us look happy and attractive and tossing the rest.

      My nephew sent us a Christmas card of his 1 yr old daughter bawling like crazy in Santa’s lap, and that was the best bc it reflected real life.


  3. The kid had some Sinatra style, for sure. Good catch on that one, Kerbey. And I love the fact the put up the housing for the veterans in Oklahoma so they could study. On Long Island, our family’s first house was in Levittown, a community of quick and small but loved houses built at the tail end of World War II to meet the need of all those returning soldiers. Today for our vets …. pfft.

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