Laughed Till I Cried


If you’re one of those people who hasn’t watched SNL in years, you may want to do yourself a favor and check out this inspirational country parody called “Wishin’ Boot” from last night’s show, hosted by Blake Shelton. It helps if you’re familiar with Alan Jackson and Wynonna Judd.


18 thoughts on “Laughed Till I Cried

      1. No, no SCTV. But they were classic. So much of this generation’s comedic talent came from SCTV. Amazing. Sometimes, out of the blue it seems that a critical mass of talent – often unrecognized – meets in one place at one time and explodes into the social consciousness. It happened with HBO as well in their production of new programming. SCTV was like that. Occassionally businesses will encounter this special effect as well. It is always so cool when it happens and so sad when they inevitably break up.

        Oh, by the way – video owners who disallow viewing in Canada is quite common for American shows. Especially comedy shows. Not sure why. In all honesty, I’ve use public Canadian content videos in posts and found out they were not viewable in Europe or America. No doubt some kind of copyright protection.

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  1. I laughed even though I don’t know too much about the folks they were portraying. Love that kind of skit, though, as it’s funny AND clean. SNL doesn’t always find that balance. Hilarious–thanks for sharing.

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      1. I missed the bleeping. Better rewatch. Usually, things are funnier when clean. Have to be genuinely funny when not falling back on crude.


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