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Gussyin’ Up

Ambassador College, 1967
Ambassador College, 1967

9 thoughts on “Gussyin’ Up”

  1. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The mood was electric. A can ‘do attitude.

    Kerbey, this may be one of the most puzzling photos you’ve served up on a good while. I cannot figure out the ironing bit on the left, the big curtains behind them, and the tongue-stick-out and plushie-slippered feet of the girl in the chair, before we even come to the tripleton fright hair. Wow. Wow. And wow. Community theater in an eccentric community?

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  2. I think Mark is right – I think it is taken on a stage or in a gymnasium. It most likely is a part of a play or the preparation for a play. With the hardwood floor, the double exit doors (at lower right in wall), the air circulation vent above the doors, and the curtain , I’m sure it a stage in an auditorium.

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