4th Annual Readers’ Poll April 1988

It was super exciting to receive this in the mail.

Today we delve into the bowels of one of my former teen mag subscriptions, “Star Hits,” for the 4th Annual Readers’ Poll Results.  The cover reveals the top stars of April 1988.  Check out who’s included in the Most Promising New Acts.

Curiosity must have serious killed the cat.
Curiosity must have serious killed the cat.

Duran Squared’s own John Taylor topped the list of most desirables, with those pouty lips and bedroom eyes. 

Don't worry; Johnny Rotten was not desirable in the least; he was #2 for "Hairdo From Hell."
Don’t worry; Johnny Rotten was not desirable in the least; he was #2 for “Hairdo From Hell.”
What?  Miss Whitney?
What? Miss Whitney?

George Michael’s video was voted the 4th best video of 1987.  As it turned out, the limelit half of Wham! (Bam, thank you, Sir, may I have another?) actually did NOT want pretty Asian model’s sex.  Not remotely.  Not even in a filthy public restroom with e-coli-covered stalls.

Maybe George should be the one blindfolded.
Maybe George should be the one blindfolded.

The lyrics should have given us a clue:

There’s things that you guess and things that you know 
There’s boys that you can trust and girls that you don’t

Girls are untrustworthy, huh?  Perhaps that should have been included on the Bummer of the Year.  Michael Jackson’s comeback was determined to be the biggest bummer.  And Iran/Contra was number four??

082But the most interesting reads are what the stars themselves chose.  Siouxsie Sioux’s most desirable pick was Yul Brynner.  The King and I?  At least she didn’t have the nerve to list herself, as Andy Fletcher did.

084And note the difference in tone maturity level between the choices of former GoGo’s singer Belinda Carlisle and the Beastie Boys (R.I.P. MCA).

085Who knew Belinda was so mad about Fred Astaire, and so rocked by the PTL scandal?(R.I.P. Tammy Faye Bakker.)  And The Beastie Boys chose Sssss-Samantha Fox as the BEST female singer?  Is that because she sang from her diaphragm so well?  I won’t hate on her; naughty girls need love, too. 


10 thoughts on “4th Annual Readers’ Poll April 1988

    1. it’s just a sliver of folks who will know all these references. the smiths were a band who broke up, and then morrissey, their lead singer, made it big (from the UK). samantha fox was a little tart w/ some hits and more spreads in playboy.


  1. Samantha Fox…there’s a blast from the past. So THAT’S who Steve Martin was talking about way back when. Makes perfect sense.
    “Limelit” is a great word. I may have to borrow it sometime 😉


  2. I am still waiting for Bubbles the chimp to write a Michael Jackson tell all book. I am thoroughly convinced if he Collaborated with Nina Blackwood and Miss Cleo we all would finally know that Boy George was a (deep deep) undercover Bulgarian spy, that the members of poison were later contestants on “America’s Top Model”, and with no surprise to anyone anywhere that David Bowie is indeed from another planet.


    1. Hmm. What does Nina know that the other VJ’s don’t? I guess if Bubbles has an opposable thumb, there’s no reason he couldn’t write a tell-all. But do I really want to read it? I used to looooooooooooooove MJ, so I don’t want to discover it wasn’t pedophilia, but bestiality that was the issue.


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