Nightskating Deserves A Quiet Night

Perhaps it is only dusk or overcast, but the lights pop and glow so shimmery, that it looks like evening to me. This is one of my favorite Christmas images, though I confess (living the entirety of my life in Texas), I’ve never ridden a sleigh nor skated on an actual lake (just a rink). In this scene, the kids to the left are dressed for a frosty night and yet the couple on the ice seems to have tossed their coats aside. Perhaps they have worked up quite a sweat.

What about you? Have you ridden in a sleigh? Was it one-horse and open? Have you skated on a lake? Did the ice break and you fell through and someone reached to grab you and administered CPR before you came to an untimely death? No, wait, that was a Hallmark movie…

17 thoughts on “Nightskating Deserves A Quiet Night”

  1. Beautiful – here in Michigan in the midst of a very cold winter, we walked out onto my friend’s little frozen lake. We walked under the silence of softly falling snow under the moon and looked up to see a sky full of brightly shining stars. I will never forget it.

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  2. Here on the frozen tundra of Rancho Cucamonga there’s not much snow although we can see some on the nearby mountain peaks. If I look carefully I can see what looks like a terrace or restaurant in the background of the picture. I think I’ll be there with a hot toddy, mulled wine or a nice Tom & Jerry.

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  3. So lovely! My husband and I rode in a horse drawn sleigh in the town where my grandparents met and fell in love. Two feet of snow on the ground, clear night skies and glimpses of the Milky Way between the branches of fir trees once we left the bright lights from the center of town. We will never forget it.

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  4. Never been in a sleigh open or other wise. Never skated on a lake or on a rink for that matter. My only out door activities in the winter has been sledding down hills and building stuff. Oh and snow ball fights. The one and only time I try down hill skiing I broke an ankle.

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