Elevate Enchiladas With New Lice Flour Tortillas

1979 Cactus

Honey, I wish I knew what was going on here. I can’t fathom a reason to stack perfectly good tortillas on a fellow’s head. But it was 1979, and honestly, this yearbook is plumb full of things I can’t explain. Like this frisbee-contorting carb-deprived student.

Or this wand to his lips. I like the faces on the couple in back.

Or why grown men would be piggy-backing. 

Or doing that to their hair and bodies. Just another confirmation that clowns are evil.

This seems like a dozen too many hula hoops.

This last one shows a group of Zeta Beta Tau dudes building sets for a party at Pat O’Brien’s. But that doesn’t explain the duck. 


9 thoughts on “Elevate Enchiladas With New Lice Flour Tortillas”

  1. Caption to first photo: “Idiot Burrito.” This in homage to Gordon Ramsey who held an apprentice chef’s head between two slices of bread and asked “What is this?” until the chef responded, “An idiot sandwich.”

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  2. In their defense I would imagine 79 would be an awkward year to be in college. The Summer of Love 60’s was gone and the We can still be Idealistic 70’s was disappearing and staring them right in the face was the I gotta get mine 80’s.

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