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Gearing Up For Fuddrucker’s Three Pound Burger Challenge September 18, 2018

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In case you didn’t know it, today is National Cheeseburger Day, and Fuddrucker’s is offering their 3-Pound Burger Challenge. If you can finish your burger and 1 lb of fries in ONE HOUR, then you will receive a $25 gift card. Woot! That’s enough to buy some Pepto and Tums. At least now we know where the beef is.

And as far as the image up top, well, that’s actually football coach Bo helping Indiana University beat Minnesota’s Golden Gophers in the fall of 1942.


9 Responses to “Gearing Up For Fuddrucker’s Three Pound Burger Challenge”

  1. I know that you really, really, really wanted to Photoshop that burger into Coach Bo’s hands. I can practically hear the desperation. 🙂

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  2. M.B. Henry Says:

    Omg…. My stomach just cramped up at the mere thought of it!!

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  3. Mmmm….. sounds fun, but I’d be out the 25 bucks plus the cost of the meal, cause 3 pounds of hamburger would ruin my already tenuous relationship with my digestive system.

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