10 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung”

    1. I do, I do! I will see your bitterness and raise it in August, when it’s 109 here, and folks have to evacuate due to wildfires. Feel less bitter?


    1. You mean attaching them? You just click “add media” under your post title, hit select files, pull them from their location (usually my desktop), and then “insert into post.”


      1. For some reason some of my posts just have a question mark where the photos should be. Just wondered if there was a magic trick like holding your tongue just right . . . 🙂
        Thanks anyway!


  1. Nice pics. In the past day I’ve heard two separate stories about about bluebonnet season in Texas. And now your images here. Bluebonnets must have engaged their own social media maven.


    1. They usually arrive in March and disappear in a couple weeks, so it’s a special season to have them still around in late April. The maven is working.


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