The Princess And The Pee\

This is all well and good if you don’t have to get up twice nightly to pee.  I would worry my child would fall out the opening at the top and tumble down the steps to a painful injury.  Even the bottom bunk looks painful.  I’d throw my hips out just trying to crawl up into it, and then there’s no doubt my ankles would graze those drawer knobs at the bottom and bruise me up.  And what about changing the sheets on laundry day?  That would certainly tax the lower back.  I bet it gets warm and humid in there as well, with no ventilation on the sides.  And what if she has a nightmare and bolts upright, only to bump her head on that ceiling light?  Really, this is more trouble than it’s worth.

17 thoughts on “The Princess And The Pee”

  1. I agree totally! A year or two ago, a man at our church was in the top of a bunk bed at a fishing camp and fell out of it. He is paralyzed from the neck down. Ugh.


    1. It is pretty. Perhaps it would be effective with two sisters who shared it, and the alpha sister would reign up top and move around and make the wood creak to feel superior. It’s a shame you can’t really descend down the stairs gracefully.


  2. I injured myself for two weeks falling from a top bunk onto my head. I was on holiday in New Zealand and had to come back to Australia early. 😦


    1. Weren’t there sides to it? Did you thrash about? Did someone shove you? I am concerned. My son sleeps in a bunk bed, but we shove a dinosaur pillow pet at the ladder opening, so he can’t fall. I’m sorry you got hurt.


      1. I slipped on the ladder getting up. well, actually, the korean girl who had nabbed the botttom bunk in the youth hostel was drying her silky undies on the ladder rung. I thought to myself that i would slip on those so moved to put my foot off to the side of them and step on the wooden bit that was right at the end of the rung. Only i missed and putmy foot into thin air and let go and came crashing down. I grew up in a bunk bed, so to speak, and loved every minute of it.


    1. Clearly. And where would one put one’s alarm clock and water bottle and earplugs to drown out the daylaborers who show up with dumptrucks and jackhammers at 6:45am? Oh, sorry–that’s just my neighborhood.


  3. made me laugh, how about being able to get out of that bed with all those blankets and curtains and pillows you would feel like you entered a trap or something which would be difficult or scarey to get out of when half asleep. not to mention getting up during the night to go to the restroom and getting out and down those weird steps, no, just give me a floor next to my bed all I have to do is stand up and walk out. my zero gravity bed is just right height to get into and out of easily even when I am having one of my dizzy spells.


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