Confederate Troops, Manassas, Virginia 1861

LIfe Book s Lincoln
Life Books – Lincoln

I don’t know about y’all, but I love jumping inside Civil War photos. Not that war is fun, but it’s so interesting to see images from when photography was in its infancy, 155 years ago.

By the late 1850s, most American artists had switched from taking mainly portraits made with the daguerreotype process to large glass-plate negatives (allowing them to capture entire scenes) that combined the clarity of the daguerreotype and the endless reproducibility of paper-print photography (

And aren’t those two little boys dressed as soldiers just precious? I bet that was a sight for them to see. I wonder if the taller one enlisted, a few years down the road.

9 thoughts on “Confederate Troops, Manassas, Virginia 1861”

    1. Well, the book they came out of said they were “kids dressed like soldiers” but how would they know for sure? Gosh, I hope they weren’t enlisted. So little.


      1. Just so you know, my son went out an hour ago to play with the neighbors in the street, and I have no clue where he is now, but I know he’s not looking at a screen.

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