Dimes Day, Not Doomsday

Cactus 1955
Cactus 1955

That’s an inviting look Lady Cashier is sharing with young Anson, no? The touch of her fingertips against his calloused palm is almost more than she can process.

And speaking of looks, check out the glare on Lady Flamenco in the Carmen Miranda knockoff.

Cactus 55
Cactus 55

Perhaps her date ditched her before the clock chimed midnight? I think that’s he on the toilet in the corner. Either way, she’s got John Turturro within grabbing distance, wearing touchably soft trousers, thirsty for punch. Time to make your move, Private Dancer. Game on.





  1. those three couples dancing definitely need a chaperone. And isn’t there a dress code for short shorts? I think that’s just a fig leaf he’s wearing. ??

    Flamenco dancer slipped a bit of vodka into that sangria and she’s sneering of her superiority. Or maybe she just took a swig from the flask?

    The coke bottle photo: they are building something with wood, but what? I’d guess a Pinewood Derby car, but they do not look like scouts.

    Those are a few of my observations and interpretations. Thanks for asking, Kerbey.


    • LOL well, I DID ask for just that. That is Tarzan’s uniform, but I don’t need to see it. Sangria with vodka? Ick! She better not start spinning around on the dance floor, or she’ll be on that toilet like her date. I also have no idea what they’re building. I know it’s not a sled. But I could polish off all those Cokes right about now.


  2. I think it’s the Spanish Club meet-and-greet. No idea what Senorita is up to, really. Was just guessing. Those curtains!!!! Maria Von Trapp could make some nice dresses with those.


    • I like your eye for detail and your concern for craftiness. The guy in the back must be sipping punch, but it looks like he has white lips or like when people stick an orange piece in their mouth and smile.


  3. The famous ad was… “Gillette, the best a man can get”.

    Looking at that first photo, I’d say he can get a little better than a razor blade if he plays his cards right.


  4. Well I must say you out did yourself with these pictures. I haven’t the slightest idea what “dime day” is. You are right about register lady. She sure has more in mind than giving Gillette guy back his change. I wouldn’t worry much about Flamenco lady. That is just my Great Aunt Connie. She is wearing what would have been her Wedding dress; but she was jilted by a Cuban cigar maker in ’53 and she wore that until 1971 when it fell to pieces. She is harmless; even though, at 81 she does get a little freaky when she sees big bowls of fruit.


Observation and Interpretation:

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