You’ll Forget The Sun In His Jealous Sky As We Walk In Fields Of Horehound

Horehound. It’s everywhere in central Texas. Field after field of purple horehounds (technically “black” horehound), presumably from our unusually ample downpours.

What I find curious is that Google has no matches for “fields of horehound,” and that vexes me. So while I understand that this post is of little interest to any readers, it behooves me to have to document that there are, in fact, fields of horehound.

10 thoughts on “You’ll Forget The Sun In His Jealous Sky As We Walk In Fields Of Horehound”

      1. I used to see it in drug stores. It was always in a white paper bag with black lettering. I can’t believe I have never tried it. That is my goal for the month. Taste some horehound candy.

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  1. I must say, fields of horehound are quite pretty 🙂 I’ve not witnessed anything that looks quite like it in person. This photo looks like the perfect place to walk a relaxing stroll…. Thanks for making me smile! ♥

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