Hip-Bumping At Wurstfest

New Braunfels, TX November 1975
New Braunfels, TX November 1975

These happy patrons were enjoying Wurstfest, a Texas tradition since 1963. Held annually in New Braunfels, Texas, they offer “good food, music, dancing, exciting carnival rides and games, German, Texan and domestic beer, special events and the finest in Alpine and Bavarian Style Entertainment.”

This sign from the 1975 event reveals that the drinking age was then 18, not 21.Cactus76Wurst008

Local colleges had been preparing students for weeks.Cactus76 -4

University of Texas students who could not travel to New Braunfels participated at home, drinking from kegs in homage to Alpine and Bavarian tradition.


These gals didn’t even mind singing for their supper frosty mugs of beer.

Cactus76 Anchorettes005

What about you? Would you sing a chorus for an ice cold beer?

Double Drinking Dorothy Hamill

78 UT Cactus
78 UT Cactus

If you are too young to recall the famous wedge haircut made famous by 1976 Olympic figure skating champion Dorothy Hamill, consider yourself lucky. It was a trend amongst women of the late 1970s, and the immediate regret caused many to self-medicate with frosty longneck beers. Consider these two ladies, rocking the double H: the Hamill and highwaisted jeans. And just in case you can’t read their shirts, they say: Bored Martyrs. Indeed.

After A Long Day Of Shaving Heads…


Here’s another “I Don’t Get It” ad from 1941, suggesting a pint of the “dark ruby ale” as a remedy for fatigue. Yes, technically, Guinness is not black or even brown, but red. The man buzz-cutting these recruits looks tired now. Is now a good time for Guinness? Should he pause in the middle of shaving heads? And speaking of head…

Bartenders are not being fussy when they insist on the double-pour. Unlike other taps, Guinness is dispensed through a five-hole disk restrictor plate. It supplies an uncommon amount of nitrogen, making the head extra-effervescent. As such, two shifts are needed: one to start the magic, and a second to finish the job. The perfect pint is said to take 119.5 seconds to pour. But who’s counting? (www.foodrepublic.com)

And did you know that Africa accounts for about 40% of Guinness’ total worldwide sales? I don’t get that statistic either.

The full ad ends with the tag: Guinness Is Good For You. Many years ago, pregnant Irish women were told to drink a glass of Guinness every day to fortify themselves and their baby. More sound advice. Sounds like it’s time for a pint!


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