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Double Drinking Dorothy Hamill

78 UT Cactus
78 UT Cactus

If you are too young to recall the famous wedge haircut made famous by 1976 Olympic figure skating champion Dorothy Hamill, consider yourself lucky. It was a trend amongst women of the late 1970s, and the immediate regret caused many to self-medicate with frosty longneck beers. Consider these two ladies, rocking the double H: the Hamill and highwaisted jeans. And just in case you can’t read their shirts, they say: Bored Martyrs. Indeed.


15 thoughts on “Double Drinking Dorothy Hamill”

  1. Priceless. I remember Hamill and her g-awful hair style but I don’t recall any actual contact with ladies sporting the cut. Of course fading memories etc. So what is a bored martyr? What makes them martyrs? What has them bored? So many ? Dorothy twins. My Mom’s name was Dorothy. Folks called her Dot.

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    1. I have no idea what makes them bored martyrs. When I think Dorothy, of course it’s from Oz or The Golden Girls. But I guess Dottie West was a Dorothy, too. I bet it will come around back in style. Do you say it with three syllables or just push it into two?

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  2. I do remember that cut. What really is bothering me, again, is what they decided to wear. They actually picked those clothes out of their closets and put them on in a particular order (plaid long-sleeve shirt under t-shirt, check) on purpose. Bored martyrs indeed.

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      1. Am glad now we are not neighbors. (well, not really, but for fashion sake) Today it is thrift-store jeans (still, American Eagle) and a goldy, blacky top with some shimmer, and a thick black belt. Which is ok–I could put some flash jewelry and make my face up nice and pass for not horrible. But I am cold, so I put on my very fave zip-up mauve Split Rock lighthouse hoodie. You would not be happy with me.

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      2. I would–because you’re my friend and you’re trim. I wore thrift store jeans and a jingling snowman sweater (seriously) to go surprise a birthday girl and then rocked that outfit right over to the Goodwill, where I bought two fat-girl skirts, including the cardinal sin: black velvet. Like I’m Wynnona or Stevie Nicks. Who wears velvet? 1989 does.


  3. I feel so voyeuristic sitting in on you and Liz with these last two comments, Kerbey. Thank you! I am rocking faded blue jeans with a white T that says Post-Standard 300-Mile Lunchtime Walking Club on the front, on top of which I layered my well-worn and comfortable blue long-sleeved Three Dollar Dewey T purchased at a tavern of that great name in Portland, Maine.

    Now the two Bored Martyrs in the above photo are wearing the front way too wide to be a proper Dorothy Hamill. And the woman to the right looks like a young Lily Tomlin to boot.

    About The Dorothy. After she purchased the Ice Capades, the flagging franchise came for a show in Syracuse and I was sent to do some interviews at the arena. The Dorothy was sitting royally in a folding chair and media types were given a few minutes each in her presence. My turn came and I looked at her beauty with the still-perfect hair and wonderful Gold Medal face and my tongue became tied for just a split second as my heart went pitter-patter.

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    1. No arguing Dorothy Hamill is pretty. And no surprise that you have of course been in her presence, oh, Forrest who has seen many things.

      I am not familiar with your clothes, but I am glad they are keeping you warm.


  4. I admit I had to use the goog:
    Bored Martyrs, University of Texas:
    A social organization for women dedicated to the enjoyment of leisure time. The group is a spoof of Mortar Board, a campus honorary society, and meets monthly at Scholz’s.

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    1. Ah, yes, Scholz’s Biergarten, or however it’s spelled. The drinking age was 18 then, so everyone in college could legally drink. That sounds absurd to me. Aren’t most people dedicated to leisure time? That’s what I do all day, dedicate myself to the enjoyment of leisure time. Don’t you??


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